At Mary Helen Studio, we specialize in teaching kids the art of sewing and fashion design. Our Cincinnati studio is an inviting place where kids of all ages can explore the world of design, fashion and sewing, and feel confident in what they are creating and who they are as a person. The studio team is lead by real life fashion designers who are passionate about sharing what they do everyday with our students.


“My daughter wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up and wanted to learn to sew…I had no idea even where to begin when it comes to a sewing
machine ect. I am so incredibly thankful that we found Mary Helen Studio. My daughter is not only in an awesome environment with trained professionals but she is surrounded by people that are passionate about everything they do. She loves going to sewing classes and has so much fun learning all about the industry and how to sew. After a few classes she had already made bags, skirts ect. Everything about this place is amazing to her and she loves it. She is definitely learning things that just aren’t taught at school. It is all very hands on.” ~Jennifer